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We interviewed another band. Have you heard CALABRESE before? Not all of us are in this video, and neither are all of them.


THE LIMIT CLUB alley interview

ROCK AND ROLL (deep hell at guitar wolf 2017)

  GUITAR WOLF is a Japanese self described “Jet Rock N’ Roll” band that came out of Nagasaki in 1987. That was a full eleven years after Bob Seger decided he wanted to bring back that old time rock and roll. Guitar Wolf recently played a showed in Phoenix, Arizona this year on July 7. That’s a…

visit the desert

  Any kind of music that’s primarily arranged by a DJ with a deck and a laptop has never seemed like the kind of music you see live. Videogames instilled me with the sense that electronic music wasn’t really music throughout my early teens until I was around more likeminded people. Finding out that there…